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28 January 2013

Stop and Shop is Hiring. Not.

Who says that there aren't jobs out there? Yesterday's Boston Globe had a 20-column inch display ad:

Now Hiring
Replacement Workers for
Cashier and Clerk Positions

The temporary employment
would occur in the event
there is a strike or lockout
because of a labor dispute

They're offering the regal sums of $15 per hour for full-time and $12 per hour for part-time positions, with the added bonus that the new hirees would be helping to break the union that made the place a barely tolerable place to work.

Stop & Shop took exactly the same tack three years ago, in the hopes of battering the union then. (It didn't work then. Perhaps Stop & Shop is hoping that recent news stories of the problems that the Shaw's chain is having will somehow make its workers cower in fear. Or perhaps the company's masters have no ability to alter the company's sclerotic playbook.)

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Posted by Tim W at 1/28/2013 06:10:00 PM

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